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Extended Long Range Shooting EXLRS

**WEBSITE updated on 04-03-2018**


Hello dear shooters. Herewith the new dates for the EXLRS 2018 shooting events....


France Max 1600 meter

Travel 24.02.2018

3 days shooting...

Travel 28.02.2018

** EXLRS books the range, hunting lodge.


Germany Max 1000 meter

2 days shooting

Awaiting Bundeswehr 2018 information for which range we can rent.

** EXLRS books the range.


Italy Max 2240 meter

Travel 20.07.2018

3 days sq1 EXLRS CUP 1

3 days sq2 EXLRS CUP 2

Travel 27.07.2018

** EXLRS books the range, Hotel or overnight stay can be booked upon preferences.



Scotland Max 1840 meter

Travel 29.07.2018

3 days shooting

Travel 2.08.2018

** EXLRS books the range, Hotel or overnight stay can be booked upon preferences.



Some shooters have already registered for the shoots; if you want to participate, please fill in the registrationform at the EXLRS website and send it by email to info@exlrs.nl

And let us know which shoot you want to attend.

Send it!!


Harry and Pieter





2018 EXLRS Event sponsors:



PT rum ridge
HR AI 600yards
SQ 1 2015
the ridge 2013


Dear visitors; welcome to the website of EXLRS Long Range Shooting/ Long Range Schieten Holland. We are Extended Long Range Shooters since 2005. In the past years we have had annual shoots at over 4 different international locations with distances up to 2700 meter.


Since 2009 we have the possibility to shoot EXLRS and give EXLR shooting courses and windclasses for up to 20 participants per squad on our Extended Long Range shooting ranges. Our main location is in the south of France and shooting distances here are up to 1700 yards. Furthermore we are shooting anually in (Northern)Germany, Norway and Nothern Italy. We regularely visit shoots in other countries like Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Ireland an the UK.


In the past years we have had many guestshooters from over 11 different countries. We are known for our challenging shoots, good atmosphere and ever returning happy shooters. We love to field test the latest high tech and innovative gear available on the market. Every shooter is welcome to join one of the shoots, and we'll happily guide you through the process of achieving the most extreme distance hits that are possible with your chosen platform. We have all the tools and tricks to get you to that ultimate "hit". Every shooters that has managed to repeatedly hit the 1600 meter target, earns the unique EXLRS "One Mile Patch".

We use a selection of the best gear currently available on the market,

such as high tech custom built rifles, the best factory rifles and the powerfull and versatile .300 Remington Ultra Magnum cartridge, firing our own Dutch produced SSD Monolithic solid bullets and/or custom made extreme low drag bullets,

the best optics money can buy and we always shoot in a shooter/spotter configuration.


Our motto is "Praecisiam, Diutius, Magis Accurata"

which means (more) precise, further away, more accurate.



* Please visit our facebookpage for the latest information..

* www.exlrs.nl and www.exlrs.com are now online.

* Our partner for High-tech Long Range schooting gear is SSD B.V. in Wateringen (long range schieten) www.solidsolutiondesigns.com

*www.exlrs.ch is now online.

*New patchmembers 2000meter (EXLRS 2KPatch)

*New patchmembers 2240meter (EXLRS 2240 Patch)


Interested? Feel free to Email us and join the One Mile Club and enjoy Extended long-range shooting:)


EXLRS shooting:

EXLRS shooting is all about safety, excellence, precision and hits at very long distances. We love it.


"SEND IT"......





What a great shoot this was, the eight edition..... Up to 12 different nationalities found their way to the One Mile Club. Welcome new 2200 meter (EXLRS 2.2K) patchmembers!

Hope to see you on the range or again in 2018!


"Send it" H&P


Hausken Sako
HNS Sako 600 yards